JMPEE, Volume 49, Issue 1


Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy cover  Figure 1: Elsayeh and Kandil in this issue.

Figure 1: Elsayeh and Kandil in this issue.

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Editorial Committee

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Editor’s Message
Juan A. Aguilar-Garib

Quarter-Wavelength Microstrip Coupler
Maheswari Shanmugam and Jayanthy Thankappan

Ultra Wide Band Based Quantitative and Qualitative Method for Bacterial
Endotoxin Detection

Muhammad Elsayeh and Ahmed H. Kandil

Study on Terahertz Spectroscopic of Energetic Ion Salt and Oxidizer
Huang Ping, Qiu Rui, and Tang Yuxiang

Migrating Temperature “Thermo-Chromatographic” Pulses (TCP) in
Different Zeolites and Other Microporous Materials

Markus Kraus and Ulf Roland

Temperature Control Using Hybrid Control with MRAC and ECS into a MIMO
Microwave Heating Process

Yupeng Yuan, Shan Liang, Qingyu Xiong, Jiaqi Zhong,
Yuzhe Zhang, and Jiannan Li

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