JMPEE, Volume 48, Issue 4

Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy cover  Figure 1: Xiao Ling Hu et al. in this issue.

Figure 1: Xiao Ling Hu et al. in this issue.

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Editor’s Message
Juan A. Aguilar-Garib

Investigating the Influence of Aging on Radiofrequency Dielectric Properties of Chicken Meat
Samir Trabelsi and Jochem Roelvink

Analytical Expression of the Electric Field Induced by Uniformly Charged 3D Plates
Jérémy Kerneis

RSM Optimization of Process Parameters for Dechlorination by Microwave Roasting
from Zinc Oxide Dust from Waelz Kiln

Baobao Wang, Zhiqiang Li, Libo Zhang, Jinhui Peng, Jing Li,
Shaohua Yin, and Aiyuan Ma

Dielectric and Thermal Properties of Sweet Sorghum Biomass
Laura Picou Fennell and Dorin Boldor

Effective Optimization of Temperature Uniformity and Power Efficiency in
Two-ports Microwave Ovens

Xiao Ling Hu, Xiao Qing Yang, and Guo Zhu Jia

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