JMPEE, Volume 49, Issue 4, Abstract


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President’s Message
Bob Schiffmann

A Novel Technique to Measure Small Dielectric Losses Using Cylindrical Cavity Resonator at X Band
Sanjay Mondal and Salil Kumar Biswas

Study on a Glucose Concentration Measurement System Based on Microwave Perturbation Technique
Hao Fu, Xia Xiao, Jiantong Li, and Yong Zong

Comparison of Microwave and Radio-Frequency Heating of Dealuminated Zeolites and Al2O3
Markus Kraus, Frank-Dieter Kopinke, and Ulf Roland

Optimized Antenna for Asphalt Mixture Recycling based on Microwave Heating
Tongsheng Sun

Effect of Graphite on the Microwave Susceptibility of Cement Foam Concrete
Juan Xin and Xingwen Jia

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