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Juan A. Aguilar-Garib

Comparison of the Microwave Absorption Characteristics of Hematite, Magnetite and Pyrite
Chun Lin He, Shao Jian Ma, Xiu Juan Su, Qiu Hong Mo, and Jin Lin Yang

Estimation of the Propagation Impairments of Satellite Systems Design in the SHF and EHF Bands in Subtropical Region
Joseph Sunday Ojo and Pius Adewale Owolawi

Evaluation of Electromagnetic Interference between Critical Medical Devices and New
Generation Cellular Phones

M. Periyasamy and R. Dhanasekaran

Microwave Reticulation of Epoxy Resins Used for Single Layer Electric Insulations
Francisc Ioan Hathazi, Mircea-Nicolae Arion, and Daniela Iordache

β-SiC Nanoparticles Produced with Microwaves at 2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz
Juan A. Aguilar-Garib, Karina A. Cabriales-Gómez, and Domingo I. García-Gutiérrez

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