JCR Impact Factor (Thomson Reuters)

Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy

ISSN 0832-7823

JCR Impact Factor

The Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy (JMPEE), can be found in the prestigious Thompson Reuters Listing in the Web of Science under the “Science Citation Index Expanded” and “Current Contents/Engineering, Computing and Technology”.

The Journal of the Microwave Power Energy (JMPEE) was born practically with the International Microwave Power Institute (IMPI), which was conceived at the First Microwave Power Symposium held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in March 1966. The aim was to provide a forum to bring together scientists and engineers, particularly the users of microwave power in the areas of Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications. The first issue of JMPEE was formed from the proceedings of that symposia more than 40 years ago, with topics that look new even today, such as: The Microwave Powered Helicopter and Solid State Microwave Sources. Health concerns existed then, as exemplified in the paper Some Biological Effects of Microwave Power Energy.

The scope of the Journal was defined shortly after IMPI sponsored the next symposia in Stanford in 1967, announcing that it would publish new technical and scientific papers, accounts of research and development in progress, abstracts of thesis and other information relevant to microwave power. Since then, the published papers were prepared especially for the journal in order to produce the high quality and pertinent documents that every person working in microwave and radio frequency deserves.

“The Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy, JMPEE (www.jmpee.org), is the quarterly, peer-reviewed, technical journal of the International Microwave Power Institute, IMPI (www.impi.org), focusing on the industrial, scientific, medical, and instrumentation interest areas of the profession. This journal is issued online quarterly and available in print, by volume, at the end of each year”.